Think about it: "fitness" is about aesthetics, and what a body looks like-- not health and wellness.
What does fitness mean? You fit in your clothes? You fit in your society? What fits?

Wellness is about health. Health is about immunity, mobility, stability of the mind, your ability to heal, your balance, and the functionality of your mind and body.

The Taoists have developed amazing systems of health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has four branches:
1. Healing exercise, such as Tai Chi and QiGong
2. Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping
3. Massage such as Tui Na
4. Herbal medicine

Feng Shui practice can provide a healthy environment

Practice of Tai Chi is the single greatest vehicle for self-healing and wellness you will find. Multitudes of western research studies are showing that Tai Chi is like a panacea: it can cure almost anything.

The human body needs exercise; but common forms of exercise are based in "tension." While exercises such as jogging and resistance training make a body look better (fitness), they rob the internal organs of "chi" or internal, nurishing energy. Also, jogging is damaging to the knees, it stiffens the hips and back, and studies have shown that jogging depletes the immune system. Jogging is not a sustainable practice; you will quit someday.

Weight lifting is equally bad. Weight lifting is damaging to spine, back and neck, making it accutely unsustainable (most weight-lifters quit before they're even 50). It does not develop body skills such as balance, flexibility, coordination and aerobic threshold. It shortens the tendons, which causes muscle-binding and in turn, physical injuries. AND, it takes an enormous amout of food to support larger, developing muscles. Many body-builders eat 12,000 calories a day !

Tai Chi cultivates and develops internal energy (chi); and it also makes a body look better. First, Tai Chi is internally based: this means that the movements organize, massage and improve the internal organs, which in turn raises metabolism and burns body fat (and your hair and nails have never looked so good!). Also, Tai Chi is a postural study: this means that you will stand straighter, with a flatter back, flatter stomach, your head held high, your chin down, your shoulders dropped, and your knees always bent. This is aesthetically pleasing too, as you will look younger, and healthier, and you will move far more gracefully.