Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song learned tai chi chuan from the Chen Style master, Chen Yen Shi. He later befriended Yang Cheng Fu, Sun Lu Tang (Sun Style), and all of the other top tai chi masters. Fu was an extraordinarily observant practitioner. He learned all the
components of all the other "family styles," discarded what was marginal or useless, and amalgamated the best from each. The result was Fu Style Tai Chi, and a very sophisticated system of teaching. Fu Zhen Song dedicated his life to learning and teaching these most special arts. Many of his students became top masters.
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Fu's oldest son, Wing Fay, became his martial prodigy. He learned from his father, and many other top martial artists in China. After such high-level learning and eternal practice, Wing Fay took it upon himself to develop the Fu Style Tai Chi even more. Wing Fay became well-known as one of the greatest teachers in China. Fu Wing Fay's two top students were his oldest son, Sheng Long, and a talented young woman named Bow Sim Mark. Master Mark is widely considered the most famous tai chi personality in the world today, and one of the greatest masters in the last 50 years. Wing Fay's theory was that Fu Style was so developed that gender and body composition did not matter.

Victor "Sheng Long" Fu would become the lineage-holder to the Fu Family arts. Sheng Long's brother Wen Long also teaches in Guangzhou, China.

Fu Style Tai Chi
Is Simply More Developed

New medical studies reveal that Tai Chi practice can help combat immuno-response to viruses, stress in HIV & cancer patients, heart attack, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes and arthritis; and it can greatly enhance balance, flexibility, sleep, relaxation, bone-strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility and overall well-being. Many people seeking the panacea-like effects this amazing and unorthodox Chinese martial art are asking the question,

“How can I learn Tai Chi?”

The National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine and the Mayo Clinic both suggest finding a qualified teacher. But this is not an easy process, as there is no standard training, licensing or regulation for Tai Chi instruction. To make matters more discouraging, most qualified Tai Chi instructors are in fact martial artists.

The world famous Tai Chi Grandmaster Victor Sheng Long Fu offers his advice:

"More than 90 percent of all Tai Chi is bad. What it mean—‘bad,’ that when you see someone do Tai Chi, they don’t follow the principles. You don’t (have to) know the principles, but you can look for yourself if the Tai Chi is good or bad. When you look, look at the waist. When the Tai Chi is good, (they) always turn the waist. When the Tai Chi is bad, the arms move but the waist doesn’t turn, or the waist only turns sometimes. That’s principle. In good Tai Chi, the waist always turns."  

Master Victor Fu also suggests that many of the best Tai Chi instructors practice and teach BaGua Zhang— an advanced sister art to Tai Chi which utilizes the same principles, but is far more complex and demanding. Master Victor Fu says, “Tai Chi is like first grade; BaGua is like eighth grade. Only a few special students can learn BaGua; most need years of proper Tai Chi first.”

Victor Fu’s grandfather, Grandmaster Fu Zhen Song, worked for decades to develop his skill in both Tai Chi and BaGua Zhang. In 1928, he was named the head instructor of BaGua Zhang (for the entire country) by the Chinese Central Government. Fu Zhen Song spent his life developing and systemizing his teachings; he created a martial art called Liang-Yi Chuan according to the ancient Chinese theory of creation. Fu Zhen Song considered Tai Chi to be the foundation for the entire Fu Style system; Liang-Yi to be the intermediate linking set; and BaGua Zhang to be the advanced forms.

In beginner Tai Chi, the student must learn the correct principles of posture, stepping, Taoist breathing, relaxation, and most importantly, how to control the entire body from the waist. Most people who learn Tai Chi don’t get very far because the instructor himself does not understand these principles. Simply put, the Fu Style teaching methods are much more developed. Instead of getting to a point where a student can say, “I know Tai Chi,” Fu Style students learn Tai Chi academically, as a building block to reach the next level. This is why Fu Style has an inordinately large number of grandmasters and high-level practitioners. The most famous Tai Chi master in the world is arguably Grandmaster Bow Sim Mark of Boston, who learned Tai Chi from Master Victor Fu’s father, Fu Wing Fay.

In the fine tradition of his father and grandfather, Master Victor Fu has devoted his life to the development and teaching of Fu Style Tai Chi, Liang-Yi and BaGua Zhang. Master Fu created, the “GoldenForm Tai Chi” set to provide students with the best in-home instruction available. Without the direct oversight of a qualified teacher, Master Fu’s GoldenForm offers an organized and progressive system for advancing one’s health, immunity and physical state. The DVD details the unique Fu Style Tai Chi movements; and the accompanying booklet entitled, “How Does One Practice Tai Chi Properly” spells-out the principles of Tai Chi for easy reference. The set also includes a beautiful music CD for Tai Chi practice or any time relaxation.

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