My name is Tommy Kirchhoff.
I am a dedicated student of Grandmaster Fu.
I have been studying with him and practicing
very hard since October of 2003 (seven years).

Before I met Master Fu, I had a deep and
well-developed background in exercise,
"fitness," and athletics. I was a high school
and collegiate athlete with many years
of hardcore weight lifting, running, biking,
and sport-specific training. In my first six
months with Master Fu, I let all of the old
exercise go, and my body began to change.
I stopped getting sick. I lost weight. I felt
better. And my athletics began to excel
like never before.

In the spring of 2004, I won a silver medal in the
NASTAR National finals race in Park City, Utah;
I had not raced in 10 full years.

That summer, Master Fu and I taught tai chi
to the U.S. Men's Alpine Ski Team. Our most
interested student in that group was Ted Ligety.
Ted never missed a class, and practiced his
tai chi forms far more than the others.
That winter, Ted had his breakout season (04/05).

In February of 2006, Ted Ligety won a
gold medal in the Torino Olympic Games in Italy.

Since I had first started training with him, I thought
the principles of tai chi and the teachings of Master
Fu could be applied to all athletics. This sentiment
was echoed by Master George Xu, who had been claiming for years that the principles of the internal martial arts apply to every sport. I wrote a book in the
spring of 2008 entitled, "The Internal Athletics."

In the winter of 2003/2004, I began working to synthesize the practice and principles into ski racing.
I created WaistSteering.

I started coaching race clinics with Modern,
Ski Racing, and could not believe the results.

My abstract, "A Study on How To Apply
Tai Chi to Alpine Skiing" was accepted into
the 2010 International Congress on Science
& Skiing. www.WaistSteering.com

Master Fu and I have continued teaching
Fu Style to athletes, martial arts enthusiasts,
and "regular" folks from around the world.

We implore you to buy the Golden Form
Tai Chi instructional DVD, as this is the
best place to start fixing your body, developing
your health, and boosting your physicality
and athletic ability.

I promise you amazing results.

Most sincere regards,
Tommy Kirchhoff